Medical, Mental Health, and other Helping Professionals:

Compulsive eating manifests in many forms, from binge eating to severe food restriction, from all day grazing to purging, using laxatives, and over exercising. Various combinations of these as well as co-occurring substance and behavior addictions are common. All of this takes a heavy toll on the sufferer, affecting health on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Medical problems including diabetes, heart disease, and gastro-intestinal problems — to name a few — accompany compulsive eating and associated behaviors. Depression, anxiety, self-harming behaviors, and of course eating disorders, afflict many. On the spiritual level we often see hopelessness, moral degradation, and outright spiritual bankruptcy. 

As medical, mental health, and other helping professionals, you are in a position of trust and influence, and can make recommendations to the sufferer that may be heard more clearly than those of family members and friends. If your clients/patients are struggling with food and/or weight, if they have tried everything and nothing seems to work, if they (and you) are baffled that they continue to engage in eating habits that are obviously unhealthy, then please consider suggesting Overeaters Anonymous.

We would be happy to assist you by providing information and literature that explains the disease of compulsive eating, and the solution offered by the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous.

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